A Holiday Hero is providing helping hands to the less fortunate in central New York.

Anita June Clark runs Helping Hands in Utica, an initiative she started out of her home to help those who need it most. She collects donations for victims of a fire and domestic abuse or anyone else who could use a hand and then distributes them at no cost.

Photo Credit - Jennifer Crawford
Photo Credit - Jennifer Crawford

Thousands of hands are now helping Clark with her mission on Facebook. Members are offering items they no longer use or need to anyone going without. The only rule....no selling allowed. Everything offered must be free. Helping Hands in Utica has grown to more than 5600 members on Facebook since it began in October 2016.

Jennifer Crawford, who nominated Clark to be a Holiday Hero says her family and friends give to Helping Hands often. "I'd rather donate to her and ensure things are going to people in need vs. donating to an organization that sells the stuff. Anita does so much for her community and doesn't expect anything in return. She is a true angel."

Clark is our Holiday Hero and we're sending her to see Blake Shelton's Friends & Heroes tour in Albany March 23rd.

Know a holiday hero who deserves to be recognized? Tell us about them below.

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