One Rome woman who is paying it forward all year long, is a Holiday Hero.

Holly Knapp started making a difference in lives throughout central New York after a stranger helped her for Christmas in 2015 when she was having a hard time. "It was the sweetest thing and all she wanted me to do was pay it forward."

Pay it forward Holly did. She started helping a few families in 2016 who may have gone without, collecting Christmas gifts from the community.

But it's doesn't end there. Holly keeps giving all year long. Whether its collecting clothing for families who lose everything in a fire or finding baby items for moms who can't afford them, Holly is there to help. She even created the PayingItForword Facebook page, a place people can ask for or offer help to those who need it most.

Thanks to the generosity of friends, family and strangers, kids won't go without on Christmas morning this year either. "That's sad. I can't let that happen," Holly says.

Holly is our Holiday Hero and we're sending her to see Blake Shelton's Friends & Heroes tour in Albany March 23rd.

Know a holiday hero who deserves to be recognized? Tell us about them below.

Photo Credit - Holly Knapp
Photo Credit - Holly Knapp

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