Today's Holiday Hero has inspired kids through teaching and coaching for years and that alone makes them deserving. But a message they posted on their Facebook page about another of our Holiday Heros makes them double deserving.

Tom Snizek wears several hats at New Hartford Schools. From teaching English to coaching basketball, tennis, and golf; he has been motivating and inspiring kids for 25 years. But when Mr. Snizek read the story about one of his own players and our Holiday Hero, 10-year-old Owen Jassak, he was moved to share the story on his own Facebook page.

"I have been a coach/teacher for approx. 25 years. I have coached some amazing athletes and taught many amazing individuals. My golf team shattered a consecutive win streak in NYS (winning 115 matches) and has won 9 consecutive Section 3 titles. My tennis teams won 13 championships....BUT wins and championships are secondary compared to what one of my 5th grade (Basketball) players has taught me this morning. Championships are meaningless compared to the life lesson this young man has demonstrated. This is what every athlete and human being should inspire to be like! A true inspiration and incredible role model.....Took me 46 years and a 10-year-old to teach me this lesson, he is definitely my inspiration."

Coach Snizek is our Holiday Hero and will be getting tickets to see Blake Shelton's Friends & Heroes tour in Albany March 23rd.

Know a holiday hero who deserves to be recognized? Tell us about them below.

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