This 'Married With Microphones' episode shows how absent minded teens can sometimes be. After having her car only TWO DAYS, our daughter has already locked her keys in the car. The extra set too! Now what? Thanks to a video on YouTube, all you need is a shoelace and steady hands.

Make a loop with your shoelace, slide it through the door, hook it on the lock, pull tight and yank up. Voila! Thanks for all your help Tadpole.

Thanks to Petrik08 for the YouTube video. You're a life saver. My daughter and I both thank you! Granted it took a little longer than 10 seconds. More like ten minutes, but it was all worth it in the end. I was my daughter's hero, if just for a moment.

UPDATE: Like mother, like daughter. I recently locked my keys in the car too. Unfortunately it's a newer model and it doesn't have the locks on the door to use this shoelace trick. It does have a door code. But that code is in Tadpole's phone, who wasn't with me and wasn't answering his phone.

The moral of this story is for ME to have the code to MY car in MY phone.

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