Most people are afraid of snakes and Polly took advantage of that fear with a plastic one in the latest episode of 'Married with Microphones.'

There's nothing better than a good prank and when you have a fake snake, why not use it? So I took it to Heron Creek Golf Course where we play often and caught a few people off guard. Why they automatically assumed it came from me, I don't know.

But the best reaction came from my best friend while on vacation at the beach in North Carolina. Snakes are her biggest fear and I thought the prank was ruined when she found the snake by accident. We were driving down the road, she opened the glove box where it was, and almost jumped out of the moving vehicle. Since I didn't get it on video I had to try again right?

I placed the snake just outside the door on the deck. She walked by it and sat down, oblivious to what was a foot away. She walked by it a second time and I was starting to wonder if she was blind. But the third pass by was the moment I waited all week for.

She may not have found it funny but everyone else will, ironically on Face Your Fears Day.


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