It's spring and here comes the home projects or as some call it, the "honey-do" list. And as we all know, the hardest part of any task is getting started. We're here to help with the assistance of the experts at Curtis Lumber for Let's Get Started.

Over the course of the next few weeks, we'll join Central New York contractors at their job site to share some tips on home improvement. This week we tackle, what to do with all the stuff in your garage. We're with Joe and his crew from Schaefer and Sons, whose slogan is  "put your car back in the garage."

The Shafer family have been building sheds for more than 40 years. Joe says early on they were the only shed builder in the state at one point constructing over 600 buildings in just nine months. Amazing when you consider the company began with Joe's father building them in his garage at Clark Mills and placing a model in his front yard. Even more amazing the company survived a devastating fire just four years and never missed a beat.

Today you'll find Joe's mom still running the office as he and crews travel all over New York constructing not just sheds, but pole barns, decks, gazebos, and even a home for the dog. What makes Shafer and Sons unique is they build the shed at your site, rather than deliver it pre-fab. This enables  them to place structures nearly anywhere; next to pools, fenced in yards, anywhere there is a three-foot wide opening.

Wood sheds can be completed in about two hours, although the one at this worksite had vinyl siding which adds about another two hours to complete. Visit Shafer and Sons is located on Route 233 in Westmoreland, you can get more info at their website or give mom a call at 1-800-853-5285.

Watch for more Lets Get Started projects from Curtis Lumber every Friday. Check out quickly the shed goes up in the video below, stay for the end as Polly finally gets to use a nail gun.

Lets Get Started - Shafer and Sons Storage Sheds

Shafer and Sons Storage Sheds constructing a storage shed in New Hartford.

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