If you could get engaged anywhere, where would it be? For Holland Patent native Amanda Swalgin, there's no better place than the home of her favorite football team; the Dallas Cowboys.

Tyler Garverick, Amanda's boyfriend flew her out to Dallas for her birthday. "I just turned 30 and this has been my dream to come to Dallas Cowboys stadium forever. So this was my birthday present."

Amanda thought she was going to tour the stadium and watch the game. Little did she know Tyler had other plans. "We started walking out onto the field and I thought my sister was just videoing the stadium, because let's face it, it's absolutely amazing," she says.

When Tyler started to propose on the iconic blue Dallas Cowboy's star at mid-field, Amanda says she didn't buy it at first. "He's a huge jokester, so I honestly thought he was just messing around. Then when he got down on his knee I lost it."

Good thing there were pictures and video of the special day. Amanda says most of it was a blur. "After the proposal we went on the stadium tour and I don't remember 50% of it because I was still shaking and in shock."

Congrats to the happy couple. We wish you many years of happiness and a Cowboy Superbowl win in your future.

Finally! !!! Connie Swalgin

Posted by Becky Sarus on Thursday, October 8, 2015

Dallas Cowboys Stadium Proposal Photos

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