A family tradition turned into a fairytale proposal at a Christmas Tree Farm in central New York.

For the past 25 years Larissa Mitchell and her family have visited a Christmas Tree Farm to find the tree Santa picked out for them. "I can’t remember a Christmas without doing the tradition," said Mitchell. "My parents mark a tree and the kids have to go and find it every year."

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Mitchell, who now lives in North Carolina with her boyfriend Tim Langley, were visiting family in Oneida for the Thanksgiving holiday. On Black Friday, the family went to Henderberg's Tree Farm in Rome, where they've been going since it opened, to find the marked tree. "Tim saw the tree first, ran towards it and I chased after him," said Mitchell.

Tim knew right where the tree was because he was planning to propose. "By the time I got there he was down on one knee with the ring."

Photo Credit - Laurie Mitchell
Photo Credit - Laurie Mitchell

Not just any ring either. The diamond came from Mitchell's great grandmother's ring that her mother has been wearing for over 30 years. "It was definitely like a scene from a Hallmark movie and something I’ll never forget," said Mitchell. "It brought lots of happiness to this crazy year."

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