There's a 'Rumor' goin' round, Lee Brice helped a Middleville man propose.

Randy Ray and Valerie Bauer are engaged thanks to Lee Brice. "We lived his song 'Rumor',' says Randy. "When we used to go out people said they could tell we were in love."

It only made sense for Randy to propose with the man who sings about their love story. He reached out to Lee's managers to see if they could help. "This has been in the works since August."

Backstage at the Palace Theater in Syracuse, Randy poured out his heart, with 'Rumor' playing the background, and dropped to one knee. "Thanks to Lee and his managers I want to take the opportunity they gave me to finish the song the same way Lee does. There's a rumor goin' round, what do ya say we make it true?" asked Randy.

Valerie said yes.

"Congratulations," Brice told the happy couple. "I'm impressed. When I started to do mine I was like 'spit it out.' That was so awesome."

Congrats to the happy couple on their engagement!

Photo Credit - Randy Ray
Photo Credit - Randy Ray

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