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Trace Adkins Returns to Celebrity Apprentice
Trace Adkins came so close to winning Celebrity Apprentice in 2008, finishing second to winner Piers Morgan, he's decided to try it again.
Donald Trump is bringing back some of the best to play the game for season 13 of Celebrity Apprentice All Stars.  He announced the cast on the Today show this mor…
John Rich Becomes First Country Celebrity Apprentice
John Rich did what Trace Adkins came so close to doing.  He became the first country star to win Celebrity Apprentice.  Trace came second to Piers Morgan, although I still think he should have won his season too.
John went up against Marlee Matlin in the final task.  They had to create a new retro 7-…
John Rich Could Be First Country ‘Celebrity Apprentice’
It's down to John Rich and Marlee Matlin on Celebrity Apprentice.  He's in the finals and poised to the be the first country star to win.  Trace Adkins came in second in his season, losing to Piers Morgan.  Although, I thought he should have won!  Clint Black was sent home in fifth place during his …
Gary Busey Fired From ‘The Celebrity Apprentice’
The Meat Loaf-Gary Busey feud came to a close on last night's episode of 'The Celebrity Apprentice,' as chairman Donald Trump (finally?) bid farewell to the Oscar-nominated actor.
In a tense boardroom meeting, a visibly frustrated Meat Loaf spoke about his team's disorganization, to the point where h…
John Rich On Celebrity Apprentice
It began with Trace Adkins, then Clint Black, now John Rich of Big and Rich will be a contestant on Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice.  Rich is not a newcomer to reality TV, he hosted CMT's "Gone Country" and was a judge on  "Nashville Star."