Congrats to Trace Adkins, who came out on top this time.  After finishing 2nd the first time he was on Celebrity Apprentice, he won the all-star edition Sunday night.


Trace was up against Penn Jillette in the final task.  They had to create a new ice cream flavor for Walgreens and raise money by hosting an event.  Trace not only performed at his gala for his Maple Macadamia Mash-Up, he also raised 664-thousand dollars.  He was only credited with 554 thousand though, because a 100-thousand dollar donation from NFL star Tim Tebow came in late.  The Oak Ridge Boys managed to make it in time to donate to Trace and the Red Cross.  They tweeted this photo with Tim Tebow.  Better late than never Tebow.


Oak Ridge Boys/Twitter

For the win, Trace received a total of 350-thousand dollars for the American Red Cross, plus the 250-thousand dollar grand prize and the 100-thousand from Walgreens.  In total, Trace raised more than $1.5 million over the season. That's a lot of money that can definitely be used right now, as the Red Cross helps following devastating tornadoes. Trace tweeted his appreciation

I watched, I tweeted, I cheered and I donated by buying Trace's delicious Maple Macadamia Mashup ice cream.  We even had a taste test at the station and most went with his flavor, including Jeremiah.


The rest of the cast returned for the finale, including a very colorful Dennis Rodman.  Love the hair man!


Watch the winning moment when Trump delivers the news all country fans were hoping to hear.  WAY TO GO TRACE!