Trace Adkins is in the 'Celebrity Apprentice All Stars' finals, again. He's up against Penn Jillette this time, and their final task: create a new flavor for Walgreen's De Lish ice cream. Trace came up with Maple Macadamia Mash-up, while Penn created a Vanilla/Chocolate Swirtle.


Trace wants you to choose and how can you say no to Trace. So I went to a local Walgreens and bought a tub of each flavor.  It was easy to find with big signs everywhere.  There were lots of Penn flavors to choose from, but only a few pints of Trace's flavors left.

I brought the ice cream back to the station for everyone to try. It's amazing how many people come running when you say free food.  The decision was split down the middle. Half the staff liking Trace's flavor, while the other half went with Penn. Watch their reactions.

Me, I got sick from eating too much of Trace's flavor. It's definitely DE LISH!  It's so good even Jeremiah B Frog couldn't stay out of it.  And we're not the only ones.  See all his fans who sent pictures of themselves buying and enjoying his flavor.


Many more Tweeted their thoughts.



LOVE this idea from Brett Eldredge. I'm going to try it this weekend. That is, if I have any left. I may have to go get more.


You can support Trace Adkins and his charity, the American Red Cross, by buying his ice cream at any Walgreens.  Proceeds will benefit the Red Cross, who's Nashville employees also tried Trace's ice cream.  Watch their taste test and message to everyone to help support the cause.

Tune in to NBC Sunday night to find out who will be hired as this year's Celebrity Apprentice.  I have a feeling it's going to be Penn, making Trace a runner up, twice.  I really hope I'm wrong!  It just seems Penn has been more on his game the last few weeks, then Trace.  At least we all got to enjoy watching Trace on TV and he made a great tasting ice cream.  Go TRACE!