Trace Adkins is back and he's off to a record breaking start on the all star edition of 'Celebrity Apprentice.' He and his team, Plan B, raised the most money by selling meatballs, thanks to a few big paychecks from stars like Amy Grant, Nicki Taylor and Texas oilman T Boone Pickens.

In fact, Trace raised more money in week one than anyone else in the history of Apprentice.  The 670 thousand plus will go to Trace's charity, the American Red Cross. He feels its the least he could do for the organization that helped him after his house burned down last year.

Lets hope Trace can raise a lot more money for the Red Cross this season and be the last man standing.  He was so ROBBED during his season, coming in second to winner Piers Morgan.  I still can't believe he didn't win.  Maybe this is his year!

You can follow Trace's Celebrity Apprentice journey on his website.  Watch the latest episodes, win prizes and hear what Trace has to say about each show.

You go Trace!

In case you were wondering, Bret Michaels was sent home week one.  Why a previous winner decided to return is beyond me.  From winner to first one out...ouch!