We know John Rich has a big voice, but he also has a big heart.  He set a goal to raise more money than anyone else, for their charity on NBC's Celebrity Apprentice.  And he did it.  Sunday night his team brought in almost seven hundred thousand dollars during an art auction for St Jude Children's Research Center.  Team Backbone, which includes Meatloaf, Mark McGrath, Gary Busey, Richard Hatch and Lil Jon had to create and sell art.  One donor bought a decorated and signed guitar made by Rich for four hundred and sixty thousand.  Trace Adkins, who is overseas, performing for the trooops even sent five thousand in cash for the event.

All that hard work, almost didn't pay off.  The girls team, headed by actress Marlie Matlin managed to raise fourteen thousand short of a million dollars.  Latoya Jackson donated a limited T-Shirt of Michael Jackson's.  It went for ninety nine thousand at the auction.  The two teams raised more money in one task than in any other
entire Celebrity Apprentice season.  Since both teams did so well, Donald Trump, for the first time allowed both team leaders to donate to their charities. 

We'll get to see John Rich hand over his donation to St Jude Children's Research Center on Sunday's Celebrity Apprentice on NBC.  Even though his team lost the task, Donald Trump fired Richard Hatch, who only managed to bring in two thousand dollars at the auction. 

St Jude has a special place in my heart.  I had the opportunity to tour the facilty a few times, and it's the closest place to heaven on earth.  It treats terminally ill children, regardless of the families ability to pay.  No one is turned away.  They also have research facilities to try and find cures for childhood diseases.   Any place that can heal terminally ill children and possibly find cures for cancer, is worth donating to. Lets hope Rich stays around awhile longer to raise even more money for such a great cause.  To find out more on the hospital and their reserach visit St Jude.