John Rich did what Trace Adkins came so close to doing.  He became the first country star to win Celebrity Apprentice.  Trace came second to Piers Morgan, although I still think he should have won his season too.

John went up against Marlee Matlin in the final task.  They had to create a new retro 7-up campaign, that included a new can and a new TV commercial.  John had the 80's and went with a zebra striped can.  Love the look and can't wait to pick up one of my own cans.

Plus he managed to get Dee Snider of "Twisted Sister" for his "80's Icon auditions" spot which you can watch here.  Yet just another one of John's great idea.

John also raised 275 thousand dollars during the final task, which was not required.  And with the 250 thousand he received for winning the Celebrity Apprentice, his total for St Jude Children's Hospital is one-million-261-thousand.  Way to go John!

This season, more money was raised for charity than any previous season of the NBC series.

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