Two cities in New York are among the worst places for graduates to begin the next phase of their life.

You did it! All the late-night cramming, essays, tests and classes have finally paid off. Your days of higher education are over. Now it's time to enter the workforce. But where's the best place for to put down roots?

Zumper considered rent, income, unemployment rates and social opportunities in 100 cities around the country to find the best and worst places for grads.

Photo Credit - nirat/Think Stock
Photo Credit - nirat/Think Stock

Best Cities for Grads

Taking everything into consideration, the top 5 cities for grads are spread all over the country.

1. Minneapolis, MN
2. Denver, CO
3. Seattle, WA
4. Columbus, OH
5. San Francisco, CA

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Credit - Pieter Van de Sande/Unsplash
Credit - Pieter Van de Sande/Unsplash

High Income Cities

Where are grads making the most money? It looks like the Sunshine State is home to the  highest median income for people 25-years-old and younger. 4 of the top 5 cities are in California. Not a bad place to lay down roots.

1. San Francisco
2. Oakland
3. San Jose
4. Scottsdale
5. Anaheim

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Credit Joonyeop Baek/Unsplash
Credit Joonyeop Baek/Unsplash

Worst New York Cities for Grads

Where are the worst cities for graduates? There are two in New York State.

Syracuse may have affordable rent and a high singles population but the city scored an F in the number of young people in the area and the median income. It lands at the bottom of the best cities for grads list, coming in at 94 out of 100 cities.

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Buffalo isn't much better at 85. The median income scores an F and the city gets a D grade for the younger population.

The best city in New York for grads is the Big Apple, if you can afford the rent. Those outrageous prices scored an F.

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