The bed bugs are biting in New York. Orkin is out with their annual Top Bed Bug Cities and 4 places in the Empire State made the list.

Buffalo makes the list again but falls 2 spots from #18 to #20 this year. New York City also drops 4 spots to come in at #8.

The news isn't as good for central New York. The bed bug problem in Syracuse keeps getting worse. After jumping SIX spots last year to #40, the city rises 7 more spots to land at #33 this year.

Albany makes it debut this year, coming in at #50.

Baltimore tops the list for the second year in a row.

How To Look For Bed Bugs
*If you check into a hotel, Orkin suggests putting your luggage in the bathtub and looking for small black or brown spots. "A flashlight or even your mobile phone’s screen is helpful to spotting bed bug activity on furniture, linens, and most importantly, your mattress."
*If you don't see anything put your luggage off the floor in case you missed anything.
*Recheck sheets and pillowcases in the morning.
*When you get home, check your luggage again. "Put clothes in the dryer on high heat for at least 15 minutes."

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