Police officers in Western New York are to thank for the rescue of a dog that was spotted stuck in a creek.

Officers from the Cheektowaga Police Department responded to the call on the afternoon of December 30 and quickly got to work finding a route down to where the dog was in the creek. Since the creek has a steep bank and is in a heavily-wooded area, officers had to check various spots for a good entrance point, but finally Patrolman Rutkowski was able to make his way toward the dog, who was clinging to a tree in the creek.

Together, Patrolman Rutkowski, Patrolman Blackchief and Cheektowaga Animal Control worked in waist-deep water to pull the dog out of the water and lift it to safety at the top of the bank, all the while speaking kindly to the dog.

The Cheektowaga Police Department shared this amazing video of the rescue on its Facebook page, writing that the dog was then turned over to its owners and brought to a local vet to get checked out.

Great job to everyone involved!

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This was just one of the many great animal rescues that has happened in the last week.

On January 2, Amanda King from Rome rescued an injured barrel owl from the middle of the road in front of her home. Although the owl was suffering from a severe break above a joint in its leg, it is now in the care of a vet team from Cornell and Judy Cusworth from Woodhaven Wildlife Center, and is expected to be okay.

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