A missing hiker is lucky to be alive thanks to his mother and more than a dozen brave New York Forest Rangers.

A call came in about the 33-year-old from New York City hiking Mount Marcy and Gray and Skylight mountains. The hiker's mother was worried when he didn't return home.

Forest Rangers found the hiker's vehicle at Adirondack Loj and tried retracing his steps, up and over Mount Marcy. After hours of searching the trail and campsites, the Forest Rangers started heading up to climb to Four Corners.

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Credit - NYS DEC
Credit - NYS DEC

Storm a Brewing

With the forecast calling for a storm, 15 Rangers were called in to help with the search before footprints and other clues could get buried in the snow.

A few hours after more Rangers were called in, a single set of boot tracks was discovered near the Feldspar lean-to. The footprints led up to the Lake Arnold trail and then started to go off trail.

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Credit - NYS DEC
Credit - NYS DEC

Clothes Frozen to Body

Crews followed the tracks to the northwest face of Mount Marcy. That's where they found the hiker with his clothes frozen to his body.

A patient care kit helped change the hiker's wet clothing, feed him, and offer warm liquids before moving him to the trailhead.

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Lake Placid EMS took the hiker to the hospital where he was treated for hypothermia and frostbite.

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