A hunting trip turned into a rescue when a group encountered a moose stuck in the Adirondack Mountains.

Dan Clark of Utica, New York, was walking back from a long hunt deep in the mountains when his group noticed moose tracks. The tracks led to the animal that was stuck in a tree.

moose rescue in adirondacks, adirondacks moose rescue
Credit- Dan Clark/Facebook

Called in Help

The moose's hind legs were lodged into a soft spot on a tree stump and ensnared in thick tree roots.

Clark and his uncle hiked a mile to the truck to drive back for equipment while another hunter called for help.

"Honestly, my reaction when I saw her was sadness," said Clark. "She was so hurt and stuck that she had no fight left in her. Moose are extremely powerful and dangerous, so for her not to move made the situation a little more dire."

moose rescue in adirondacks, adirondacks moose rescue
Credit- Dan Clark/Facebook

Nerve Racking Rescue

Forest Ranger David Nally and two Environmental Conservation Officers arrived and began to calm the moose down while trying to dig her free.

Clark says roots were cut from both sides of her legs and in between.

"Talk about nerve-racking. But what a wild experience to have my hands on a wild Moose deep in the Adirondacks."

Moose Rolled Down Hill

After a few attempts of trying to pull the hind legs with a rope, the moose rolled a few feet. A few minutes later she rolled again to the bottom of the mountain, where Clark says she stayed through the night.

We were extremely hopeful and made plans with the ranger to come back in the morning to assess her. We hoped she wouldn't even be there.

Injuries Too Severe

The moose was still there the next morning. She hadn't even moved. Her injuries were too severe. Clark says too much weight went downhill after she was freed, separating her hip and, more than likely, one whole hind side.

Unfortunately, the moose had to be euthanized.

The meat was donated to an organization that feeds those in need.

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