If you thought the viral video of 4 dogs desperate for help in Central New York was bad. Wait until you see the heartbreaking pictures.

The CNY SPCA seized four severely starved dogs from a home on 12B in Deansboro. All four were covered in fleas and living in what authorities called unclean conditions.

Heartbreaking Photos of Dogs Taken From Deansboro Home

4 severely starved dogs that were crawling with fleas are getting the proper care after being seized from a home in Deansboro.

Gallery Credit: Credit - Polly McAdams

Cruelty for Cruelty Sake

The dogs are being treated for emaciation, flea infestation, and other issues at the CNY SPCA.

Troy Waffner, Director of CNYSPCA called the terrible situation "cruelty for the sake of cruelty. No animal deserves to be treated like this and there is no excuse for it – there are pet food pantries and other options to make sure your pets are getting fed.”

The four dogs are being nursed back to health but they have a long road ahead. They will need extensive care and rehabilitation before any of them are healthy enough to be adopted. It could be several months before that can happen.

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Neighbor Becomes Hero

Polly Snow Belfield, a neighbor who lived next door, became concerned for the safety of the four dogs. She posted a video on social media that quickly went viral. It was hard to watch but it was enough to get the Oneida County Sheriff's Department and CNY SPCA to respond.

“As sad as these cases are, the silver lining is that we have got the dogs here, we will attend to their medical needs and we will get them into a family where they can live their best lives,” said Waffner.

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Credit - Polly Snow Bellfield/Facebook
Credit - Polly Snow Bellfield/Facebook

Donations Needed

The CNY SPCA is asking for donations to help cover the medical costs to nurse all 4 dogs back to health.

Donations can be dropped off at the CNY SPCA located at 5878 East Molloy Road, Syracuse, or can be made online at cnyspca.org/donate.

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