Syracuse Woman Rescues Injured Baby Deer
As Donna Moore of Syracuse, NY was driving down the road, she spotted something out of the ordinary. A little baby deer was laying on the side of Fay Road, and it appeared to be injured. She couldn't just drive by, so she decided to pull over. She took her next few steps very carefully.
Rescue in Oneida
Many homes, vehicles and businesses in Oneida, NY have been devastated by severe flooding. Fortunately, none of the residents WIBX spoke to said they knew of any injuries to their neighbors.
Showing Off Our Pets! [Gallery]
You may have glanced through our gallery of Cutest Puppies at the Puppy Bowl put on by Animal Planet but that competition hasn't seen anything compared to the Cutest Pets of Townsquare Utica! We've collected photos and stories from pet lovers here at the office who want to let their pets s…