A wise man once said, perception is reality. Reality for former Biggest Loser contestant Kai Hibbard is, the show is mistreating contestants. Trailer Choir's Big Vinny, who appeared on season 12, perceives it quite differently.

Vinny, who began his journey on The Biggest Loser at 453 pounds, weighed 242 pounds at the finale and wore a size 38 pants. "Now I weight 248 and wear a size 33," he says. The reality for Vinny; the show saved his life.

You can't sit on the sidelines of life just because you're injured. Get up.

New York Post article, claiming to have the 'brutal secrets' behind the show, isn't sitting well with Vinny, but he's not blaming Kai. "Kai just told her story and in her head I'm sure she believes it's all their fault. In her head, that's the truth to her. The article can't claim to have the truth behind The Biggest Loser. It may be the truth behind her story but it's not behind The Biggest Loser."

Hibbard called the show a 'fat shaming disaster,' but Vinny says, "Not one person every came to me on the show and said 'you're pathetic,' 'you're gonna die because you're fat.' 'Either you're going to do what we say or we're going to kick you off the show,' that doesn't happen. Everything you do is your choice."

There's no being forced to workout, even when injured or restricting contestant's calories. "First of all, they can't make you work out. They can't make you only eat 800 calories. You have a kitchen that's full of food. They don't make you do anything. What does happen is, you're in a competition and everyone wants to win, so if they see one person working out hard, they're going to try and work out harder. They're going to try and push through injuries but guess what, you can't sit on the sidelines of life just because you're injured. Get up," urges Vinny.

Ultimately, you have to be responsible for the choices you make

As for being 'brainwashed' and blaming the show for weight gain or medical issues Vinny says, "if your mind is that weak that you got brainwashed, I didn't look at the trainers and think I was lucky to be around these celebrities. It's up to you to educate yourself. People who don't take responsibility for themselves, that's what got us to where we were at in the first place. The fact that you had to go on a show to lose weight shows whatever you were doing before wasn't working. To say the show is responsible for your weight gain, your eating disorder or any other problem, is crazy."

For every bad experience someone may have had on the show, Vinny says so many more came out with a positive outlook. "I can show you all the people who's lives have change because of The Biggest Loser. I can bring you my brother who has lost 100 pounds because of what I've learned on the show, I could bring back and teach him. I can bring you my mom, who I didn't have a relationship with before, and now we're best friends. The show is not just about losing weight, but the stories behind the contestants who went in, did it right, faced their demons, fought for what they believed in and made their choice."

Since the article, more contestants who've gained their weight back have come forward. Vinny puts it simply: "Cocaine addicts get back on cocaine. Ultimately, you have to be responsible for the choices you make."

Vencent Hickerson/NBC
Vencent Hickerson/NBC


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