The country music world is still reeling over the tragic death of Montgomery Gentry's Troy Gentry. Big Vinny of Trailer Choir not only shared a record label with Troy but the stage as well and he says he's still in disbelief. "It's been devastating. I shed several tears. It just goes to show you never know when it's our time."

Vinny says Trailer Choir spent a lot of time with Montgomery Gentry on Toby Keith's tour and learned a great deal from them. "They'd come out and watch every one of our shows. Troy would give us tips and tricks and always pushed and challenged us. He and Eddie were great mentors."

Big Vinny
Big Vinny

Troy was more than a mentor and great musician. Vinny says he was a beautiful human being as well. "He was as down to earth as you can get and treated people with respect. It hurt my soul to see that guy go."

Montgomery Gentry never took advantage of their fame. Vinny says Eddie and Troy appreciated the fact they were living their dream. "They always honored our police officers, fire fighters, first responders and our military. They never took for granted they got to do what they loved to do because of the fans and the people who keep our country safe."

Gentry died Friday, September 8th in a helicopter crash. He was on his way to play a show in New Jersey. The pilot died at the scene. Gentry was pronounced dead at the hospital.

No funeral plans have been made yet. "I'm sure they will do something, even if it's just a ceremony in Nashville," says Vinny. "Right now his family needs to figure out what they want and need for their healing before anyone else."



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