We all want to do our best on the job or at school, and now a new study reveals that certain colors may increase creativity and performance. As for the Big Frog 104 studio, I really don't know what color the walls are as most of the space is covered with country artists' posters!

Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images

According to a study by the University of British Columbia, blue is the best color to boost your creativity. You'd think that blue being a cool color would be a downer, but apparently that isn't so. Blue helps improve creative tasks such as brainstorming and prompts participants to offer twice as much creative output as opposed to the color red.

What about red? According to this study, red helped boost detail-oriented tasks such as memory retrieval and attention to detail. These findings could have an impact on advertising and interior design.

So, maybe a blue office will help you be more creative, and a red environment may help you get those details right on the job. And if you paint your office green, you'll think of us at Big Frog 104!