Who drinks the most beer? (Don't look at me). That's the question asked by the Beer Institute in a recent survey, and more specifically, which states consume the most brew. And the results may surprise you.

Marco Di Lauro/Getty Images
Marco Di Lauro/Getty Images

According a nbctoday.com, here are the results of the survey by the Beer Institute:

"The Beer Institute released an updated ranking of which states purchase the most and the least beer. The top five beer buying looks like this:

1. North Dakota

2. New Hampshire

3. Montana

4. South Dakota

5. Wisconsin

The list of the bottom five states – the ones that drink the least amount of beer per capita:

47. Maryland

48. New York

49. New Jersey

50. Connecticut

51. Utah"

New York State number 48? Really? Obviously, the people surveyed never attended a Saranac Thursday!

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