The Color Blue May Improve Your Creativty
We all want to do our best on the job or at school, and now a new study reveals that certain colors may increase creativity and performance. As for the Big Frog 104 studio, I really don't know what color the walls are as most of the space is covered with country artists' posters!
Sometimes It Pays To Be Left-Handed
Are you a lefty? Well, it seems like a lot of activities may favor right-handers, but left-handed people enjoy some advantages. According to research conducted by an Australian National University and aired on the BBC, lefties can outdo some of the righties here and there.
Keep The Bug Zapper Away From The Food
We all have our little techniques to keep bugs from ruining our outdoor event. Whether it's bug spray, candles or a good old-fashioned fly swatter, we all have something. But, one technique that might be a bit unsanitary is the bug zapper.
Watch Out For 3:23 P.M.
If you are on a diet, watch out for 3:23 P.M.--according to researches with the Atkins Diet, that's the exact time your willpower is the weakest.
A survey of 1,250 people on a diet showed 3:23 P.M. is that time in the day when boredom begins to set in, along with feelings of stress and when you …
A Possible Health Benefit Of Coffee
It's good for you one day and bad for you the next. Coffee. Like eggs, coffee has its documented pros and cons when it comes to peoples' health. Now, a study suggests that coffee is good for you--particularly your brain.
Can You Hear Me Now?
An interesting study from Italian researches says that if you want someone to do something, talk into the person's right ear.