Facebook Survey Created To Save The Uptown Theatre
One of the most iconic buildings in Utica is the Uptown Theatre. This landmark has been closed since September of 2013 and now the owners have put the historic movie house up for sale. There is however a survey on Facebook that is asking people of Central New York what should be done with the Uptown…
Blake TV?
Blake Shelton has been a Twitter fanatic the past few days promoting his latest single Neon Light. One of the funniest tweets I have seen so far was one Blake sent to Jerry Seinfeld.
It’s Fall Allergy Season
It may be the most colorful time of the year in central New York, but if you suffer from fall allergies, it's not all that pleasant. Many people have the sneezes during autumn, and now there's a list of the 15 worst cities to live in if you have fall allergies.
Road Rage Behavior Crosses Gender Lines
It used to be that women were considered the "meeker" sex. Those days have apparently gone the way of the telephone booth according to a new survey of road rage behaviors. Now, women and men both display some unseemly, if sometimes self-justifying, driving reactions. Some of the su…
Who Drinks The Most Beer?
Who drinks the most beer? (Don't look at me). That's the question asked by the Beer Institute in a recent survey, and more specifically, which states consume the most brew. And the results may surprise you.
Drivers On Cell Phones Slow Down Traffic
When I'm driving, I don't use my cell phone, but many of you do (legally, of course with a hands-free device). And it's not just your imagination that the car ahead of you is moving slower when the driver is using a cell is!

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