The Color Blue May Improve Your Creativty
We all want to do our best on the job or at school, and now a new study reveals that certain colors may increase creativity and performance. As for the Big Frog 104 studio, I really don't know what color the walls are as most of the space is covered with country artists' posters!
Firework Science: What Creates The Colors We See?
If you’ve ever been to a July 4th celebration, you’ve seen the different bangs and pops of fireworks as they light up the night sky. But, if you’re a giant nerd, you want to get all up in those fireworks and see how they do it. Unsurprisingly, some of the chemicals used to produce such vibrant color…
Do You Really See Red When You’re Angry?
You know how people say they see red when they're angry, or how some are green with envy? Now, a new study indicates the colors that people associate with happiness. Maybe this information will come in handing if you're planning to paint the kitchen.