The Stockbridge Valley students suspended for protesting bullying, are taking lemons and making lemonade. They've not only created a Facebook group 'Bully Away' to help kids, they plan to hold monthly meetings to raise awareness.

"This is an epidemic and they are just trying to make a change," says one mom Bobbi Spencer who stands behind her daughter and the rest of the students who are standing up to stop bullying.

The Facebook group began yesterday and 17 year-old Hayley Smith says they've already heard from a number of people. "We're receiving messages from people who need help in not only our school but other school as well."

Purple bracelets for bullying awareness are already in high demand. "We've had people from Rome, Morrisville and as far as Ohio asking for purple bracelets to show their support."

The monthly meetings will be held at the town building in Stockbridge Valley. "With the outreach already, we may have weekly meetings and start going into other school districts," says Bobbi.

4 out of the 5 students admitted to being a victim of bullying. Jonathan says he was even hospitalized after being bullied. Hayley is the only student who is lucky enough to avoid bullying, but says she wants to stand up for those who are. "It comes to the point where you have to give other people a place to speak up. Not everyone will listen so we're here to let everyone know, no matter what happens, they are not alone."

Join the Bully Away Facebook group and look for more information on the monthly meetings under events. You can post messages or talk privately.


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