Jonathan Leone claims his son has been bullied at Jarvis Middle School in Mohawk. "My son has been jumped, sucker punched and has been to the E.R. twice after constant harassment and assault."

Leone says racial slurs are thrown at his son on a daily basis by a dozen students. Leone was fed up when his son came home with a broken arm and posted on Facebook. He says after it went viral the school "sent us an email that my son is suspended because his presence at school poses continuing danger and disruption for the school."

A statement was released from the Central Valley School District Board of Education.

The Board of Education of the Central Valley School District would like to address certain allegations contained in recent Facebook posts relating to the School District and a student injury, which were posted by a parent of that student. The safety of students and staff is of paramount importance for the Board of Education. Further, the Board of Education is committed to preventing bullying of students and all types of discrimination in the School District. Federal law limits the ability of the Board of Education and School District staff to comment publicly about matters involving specific instances of student discipline. That said, please be assured that the School District promptly investigated the matters referenced in the recent Facebook posts and took actions in response that were warranted, proportionate and fair. The School District has and will continue to strive to create a school environment that fosters civility and respect among all students, staff and visitors.

A Tennessee boy recently went viral for his video asking 'why people bully.' Keaton Jones now has celebrities offering to go to lunch with him so he's not scared or bullied anymore.


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