CNY Students Take Bullying Protest to Social Media
The Stockbridge Valley students suspended for protesting bullying, are taking lemons and making lemonade. They've not only created a Facebook group 'Bully Away' to help kids, they plan to hold monthly meetings to raise awareness.
Father Responds to Daughter's Racist Bullies
A father in Minnesota was so upset over kids bullying his daughter, he had to respond. After seeing several snap chat messages his daughter was receiving, filled with racist comments, he went to YouTube to address the bullies and their parents.
Teacher Puts Her Hands On Kindergarten Student
One of the biggest problems plaguing our country currently is bullying. A school is a place where children should feel safe. Parents should know that the people hired to protect and watch over their children are doing a good job. One teacher in Ohio did the unthinkable when she bullied her own stude…