To the mom who sent her son to jail for bullying - BRAVO! And to the ones calling mom the bully, you are part of the problem.

Chandra Roberts caught her son Connor bullying another child and rather than turning a blind eye, she took action. "He got a huge dose of reality on what happens when you bully another kid," she shared in a post on Facebook that has gone viral.

Connor and a few friends were bullying someone named Ben, making him not want to live anymore and feel unwanted. "My child, made fun of him, taunted him, threatened him, and belittled him to the point where he had enough."

Ben took a stand, sending Chandra a message, along with screen shots of what Connor was saying and doing. "That's when the scared straight tactic went into place with the help of the Police Department," said Chandra.

Connor was taken to jail where he put on an orange prison jumpsuit, was hand cuffed and placed in a holding cell. "The time has come for tough parenting to come back and these kids who act like Barney Badasses need to know the consequences of their actions and words."

Photo Credit - Chandra Roberts
Photo Credit - Chandra Roberts

The punishment didn't stop there. Chandra took away Connor's phone and XBOX. He's not allowed to be up past 10:00 p.m. and will wake up at 7:30 to start the day working. "I'm going to call local churches to see if they need volunteers to clean so he can learn the value of a hard days work."

All the kids involved have shaken hands, apologized to Ben, and agreed to even be friends again. "All of the kids have learned a hard lesson, but something good came out of this, which is friendship."

Connor is helping create an Anti-Bullying project to show how change is possible. "My son and the other boy want the world to know they are very sorry and they will never do it again."

Even though this happened in Louisiana, more parents need to follow Chandra's lead, showing actions have consequences. Whether it's tough love, scare tactics or punishment. Turning a blind eye only excuses the behavior that is bound to happen again.

Way to go mom! Way to set an example of how to parent a child.

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