Bullying is one of the biggest epidemics our nation is facing currently. It's the worst in a place where it all began and that's schools. A Chittenango native is one of the several authors who made the book Bulleyproof: Unleash The Hero Inside Your Kid (Vol. 3). His name is Brian Seetge and that is his son on the cover.

This book series explores the world of bullying not just in schools but churches and other communities. According to Amazon,

The leaders in BULLYPROOF: Volume 3 bring their unique expert opinions which have been developed over decades of experience working with children in different ways: medical, emotional, physical activity, or coaching. As they share their stories, you can help your kid, and many others become BULLYPROOF.

The book is available online to read for just $0.99 and will be available soon in paperback. Did we mention this is a #1 Best-Seller on Amazon? We always like to highlight great work from great local people and Brian is no exception.

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