A homeless man was seen using restaurant table cloths to stay warm in central New York. Instead of calling the police, the owner decided to do something to help.

Frank Cotrupe, owner of The Hub Eatery says he saw the man on his security camera sleeping on his patio, using the table cloth for a blanket. "He was making my patio his home but calling the cops isn't going to help. Being angry isn't going to fix anything."

Instead Frank decided to do something to help. "We've started leaving blankets, pillows and food outside in case someone stops by again and needs it."

The community wants to help too. Frank says after he posted the incident on Facebook, it went viral and the offers came pouring in. "I'm starting to work with AmeriCorps and finding a place we can store all the donations to hand out to those who need it most."

The colder weather is approaching and Frank says he wants to gets hats, gloves, coats, sweaters and blankets. "These people are getting cold. They'll need the necessities just to stay warm this Winter"

The homeless doesn't mean helpless. Frank says most are trying, they just need a little help. "These people have money in their pocket. They're working or looking for jobs. They just don't have enough income to save up for a place. We want to help them get back on their feet."

Some of the homeless in the area have already been contacting Frank about getting blankets and clothing. They can also get food if they need it. "They can come around the back or the side door if they need food. When they are hungry they stop by."

The Hub Eatery is located at 222 Bleeker Street in Utica if you'd like to donate items. Frank says it's best to stop by when they aren't busy. "We're open 11-2 for lunch and then we close from 2-5, so that's a good time to drop things off." You can also reach out to Frank on Facebook. "Hopefully we can come together and change the homeless problem in Utica."

Frank Cotrupe of The Hub Eatery Interview

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