It's the most colorful time of year. Some of the best fall foliage in the country can be found in upstate New York, but it doesn't last long. Here's a  cool interactive map from to let you know when it's at it's peak.

New York is home to some of the best fall foliage but you it doesn't last long. The leaves will start to change the first week of September. By the 28th the foliage will be near peak in Upstate New York. It'll hit peak season October 5th, while Western New York and the Capital Region won't peak until October 12th.

Smoky Mountains data scientist and CTO Wes Melton created the interactive map to forecast the precise moment when peak fall will occur. "Our model ingests multiple data points including NOAA precipitation forecasts, historical precipitation, average daylight exposure and temperature forecasts," says Melton. "We process hundreds-of-thousands of data points from a variety of private and government sources to accurately predict the precise moment fall will occur for the entire United States."

Predicting the precise moment leaves will change in different parts of the country is challenging. "The major factors impacting peak fall are sunlight, precipitation, soil moisture and temperature," explains Melton. "Although we cannot control Mother Nature and ensure 100% accuracy, our data sources are top-tier."

Check the map and get your cameras ready to capture the best of Mother Nature.

Photo Credit - Smoky Mountains data scientist/CTO Wes Melton
Photo Credit - Smoky Mountains data scientist/CTO Wes Melton

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