If you're planning on flying or cruising to some warmer temperatures, save some bucks by getting a passport now. The same would apply if it's time renew. The Execution fee is about to increase April 2.

The actual application fee for the passport itself isn't changing, it's the execution fee. Usually that's the money collected by the post office, or other passport application locale. It covers the fee of the photo, collecting all the information and forwarding it to the Department of State.

April 2nd the fee increases $10 to $35 per application. You can save the 10 bucks by handling the paperwork yourself and mailing the forms. The key would be applying or renewing your passport well in advance of any planned trip. Something I've never been able to do. In fact, I usually get spanked the "expedited fee" because my trip is always two weeks away.

There's more on the increase at the U.S. Department of States' website. You can also calculate the total cost of a passport.


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