'A Quiet Place,' the movie shot in Little Falls last Fall got some national attention. A trailer for the film starring John Krasinski and Emily Blunt was one of the first commercials to run during Super Bowl Sunday.

Krasinski not only stars in the supernatural thriller. He wrote and directed the film and explains what we can expect when it hits theaters April 6th. "Whatever is hunting them is everywhere. There's nowhere to go. The only people this family had to rely on was each other. Obviously living silently is an impossibility. They have to figure out which sounds are safe and which sounds aren't. It's a really intense experience."

If you watch the trailer closely, you'll notice a few scenes from Little Falls, including the traffic lights and the family walking down Main street in their bare feet. Everyone involved with the movie was incredibly complimentary about Little Falls." says Little Falls Mayor Mark Blask. "They loved seeing everyone out watching them work."



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