Don't panic if you get a call from the Oneida County Sheriff's Office claiming there's a warrant out for your arrest. It's the latest scam in central New York.

Oneida County Sheriff Robert Maciol says over the last few days there have been reports of people calling residents identifying themselves as members of the Oneida County Sheriff’s Office and there were warrants out for their arrests for failing to appear for jury duty. The caller claims the only way to clear everything up is to pay the court fees over the phone or there will be someone coming to arrest them.

"These phone calls are not legitimate and are part of scam to get people to provide personal banking information, credit card information, or other information in which the caller then uses to illegally obtain money from these victims."

Never provide personal information of any kind over the phone to people you do not know or cannot positively identify. If you've been victim to these scams, contact the Oneida County Sheriff’s Office at 315-736-0141.


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