The USDA's Census of Agriculture deadline is today. A 1997 law requires that all U.S. farmers and ranchers complete the census every 5 years. Even if you left the industry, you'll still need to complete the information indicating you no longer farm.

The census is the only comprehensive study of agriculture that involves every state and county. The information helps develop the USDA Farm Bill, creates policies and is used in the disbursement of disaster relief.

“It is important that every producer respond to the Census of Agriculture so that they are represented and reflected in the data,” said NASS Administrator Hubert Hamer. “These statistics can directly impact producers for years. Without their input, our hardworking farmers and ranchers risk being underserved.”

You're in the clear if the census is completed and postmarked today. It can also be completed online. Failure to complete the farm will have representatives of the USDA emailing and calling you to make appointments


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