The owner of the lost ring from FrogFest 30 has been found thanks to his wife.

Debby recognized the ring after watching our morning Facebook video. So when her husband woke up she asked him where it was. "I lost it somewhere and can't find it," he said. "I did," Debby told him. "It's on Big Frog 104."

Turns out it belongs to John Fleming, the drummer for Tompkins Drive. "I had it in my back pocket, along with a towel," says John. "It must have fallen when I pulled out the towel."

Going through pictures of FrogFest, we noticed John in a few shots with a ring on and then we found this one.....


Thankfully someone on the stage crew saw the ring during set change. It could have been worse. John could have lost his wedding ring like Tadpole, who STILL hasn't found it!

Two lost items down. One to go. The missing wallet was returned after the owner saw it on social media. "I didn't even know it was missing until someone sent me a screenshot," Abby Adams says.

That just leaves this piece of audio equipment.....