It's amazing the things that can go through your mind in a matter of moments. As my wedding ring slipped off my finger while I was putting it back on after a round of golf, the first thing racing across the brain was "I'll never hear the end of this." Followed by "watch for the bounce" and "listen for the sound of what it hits. The only thought that was correct was the first one.

The ring only comes off for two reasons, one when I'm golfing so I don't lose it on the course and when mangling out hamburger into patties. And I'm always careful with where I put it. Which is why it was such a surprise when it took off on its own. I left the ring in the car and was probably overconfident as it went half way on while I grabbed something else. It fell between the seats, "looked like it hit the track the seat is mounted to, then took a weird carom and I swear bounced into the trash sack."

I've looked for days to no avail, in the same spots over and over and it just won't show up. Even in the golf course parking lot. What bothers me the most, besides hearing about it constantly from "my better half," is the strange looks I get with an ivory white circle on my suntanned hand.

What's the most valuable thing you've lost?


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