Upstate New York native Alyssa Trahan of Rochester New York rocked the FrogFest 34 stage. Here's some photos from that performance.

Alyssa grew up in the small town of East Rochester. She's been involved in music for her entire life:

I was always part of the music program as school (also studied music recording at Finger Lakes Community College), I was a dancer and over the years I've learned to play over a dozen instruments. As a kid, I always wrote songs in my head and put on little concerts in my bedroom. When I was about 11, I asked my dad to teach me how to play guitar (he was in a band back in the day before I was born, I always heard him playing around the house). I wanted to learn mostly so I could put music to the lyrics and melodies I came up with in my head.

A friend of mine asked me to sit in with him at a weekly show of his one summer, and that's what got me wanting to play out every chance I got. I started playing at every venue that would have me, a lot around upstate NY and on the east coast. I ended up averaging over 100 shows a year, and that's still my average now!

FrogFest 34

Dickerson will end a day filled with live music from Central New York's favorite local bands and new talent from Nashville. Mike Gossin, formerly of Gloriana, and a New Hartford native, will perform his first solo concert before a hometown crowd. You can learn more online here.

FrogFest 34, presented by Curtis Lumber, is brought to you by Toyota, Standard Heating Cooling & Insulating, The Potting Shed Antiques, Busch Light, John's Mobile Homes, Big Apple Music, Bear Arms Gun Shop, Nirvana Water and CABVI.

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