A New York mom saved a deer's life in her swimming pool.

Danielle Cifuni was trying to beat the heat when she noticed a deer jump into her Rockland County pool. Apparently, the very determined baby deer slammed into the fence around the pool several times before breaking the fence.

After breaking the fence around the pool the deer fell into Cifuni's pool in New City.

Instinct kicked in. Cifuni noticed the deer drowning in her pool and she went under the water to try and save it.

She was able to wrap her arms around the baby deer and remove it from the pool as her two dogs watched, according to Lauren Marie Wohl.

"The deer was okay but crying after Danielle removed it from the pool. The mommy deer heard her baby and came out from the woods to watch. The baby deer is fine and went off with her mommy back into the woods," Lauren Marie Wohl wrote on Facebook.

Cifuni suffered some bruises from the deer's hoof.

"Danielle has a few hoof bruises but she said she is just happy the deer is okay and back safely with its mom," Wohl added. "Great job Danielle you are a great person and a hero!"

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