The wait is almost over.  The new Olive Garden on Commercial Drive in New Hartford opens for lunch Monday, August 12th. If you want to avoid the early crowds hoping to be among the first to eat at the new restaurant, just use the curbside to go option.  You can order anything off the menu and they'll even bring it out to your car!  Greatest invention ever.  Guess where most of our staff will be eating lunch from at LEAST once a week.

Dinner will be served Saturday night during an invitation only event, to prepare the staff for the official opening Monday.  Luckily, when I stopped by yesterday to take pictures, I received an invitation.  Not only is dinner free, but all proceeds from alcohol sales will go to the Boys & Girls Club of Utica.


I've also received a menu and already know what I'll try first.  In addition to the great salad and bread sticks, I'm so looking forward to the first bite of Lobster Cannelloni with Shrimp.  What's the dish you're looking forward to enjoying?

I'll be sure to take lots of pictures and let you know how everything tasted Monday!

Olive Garden in New Hartford Construction [PHOTOS]

It's the question many want to know, including my daughter and I. When is the Olive Garden in New Hartford opening? I stopped by the construction site on Commercial Drive to get an update. The good news is, construction is right on schedule and the restaurant should be ready by mid-July.

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