Olive Garden may not be the #1 choice for Central New Yorkers when it comes to chicken riggies, but their newest creation is a must-try for CNY.

Called simply 'The Meatball Pizza Bowl,' the culinary mash-up is exactly what it sounds like - melted Italian cheeses, and sauce topped with meatballs and served up in a fresh baked bowl made out of pizza dough!

These make regular bread bowls look like rejects from a Frankenstein-esque test kitchen.

Right now the Meatball Pizza Bowl is only available during lunch as part of their 'lunch duos' that come with unlimited salad and breadsticks for around $8.99.

Oh and we checked, yes it is available in New Hartford.

I know that pizza is sacred in CNY so I won't pretend that this could be better than a local pie, but it does sound amazing.

I wonder if Olive Garden will deliver unlimited breadsticks to Big Frog 104's studio?


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