Lucky for us in Central New York the only thing you need to eat at Olive Garden on New Year's Eve is patience. You will honestly spend some time maybe waiting for a table. In New York City, the Italian chain is charging $400 for reservations. 

New York City’s Time Square is the place to be on New Year's Eve. You can enjoy watching the ball drop at your favorite Italian chain, if you drop the heavy coin.  The New York Post reports that for $400 you can have full access to a buffet, a DJ, and an open bar. The kicker, it doesn't even include the never ending bread sticks!

Surprisingly, this isn’t even the most expensive Times Square offer. For a better view of the ball drop (Olive Garden admits that their’s is somewhat subpar) you could shell out $799 for Bubba Gump Shrimp, which is one of the most expensive of the surrounding options. However, places like Ruby Tuesday are charging up to $1,699 for a night at the restaurant, depending on what package you choose."

Honestly though, who wants to start 2016 without bread sticks?

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