Are you a fan of meatballs? Grab a bib and get ready to dig in. Olive Garden in New Hartford, and Syracuse, are now selling a meatball that weighs over 12 ounces.

So, how much does that really mean? The meatball is being compared to the weight of 6 tennis balls, or 2 baseballs, or even 11 and a half golf balls. Momma Mia!

A homemade, jumbo Italian meatball on top of oversized manicotti filled with four cheeses, topped with homemade marinara and alfredo sauces.**
(Meatballs made fresh daily, quantities limited)"

Not only will you fill up on a delicious meatball, you'll be able to enjoy the oversized manicotti too! Sign us up.

The cost appears to be around $18.49 when you order online.


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