With all of the craziness going on in the world today, it's good to see some good. An Olive Garden waiter went above and beyond his assigned duties with one customer. He helped with babysitting, and even feeding her baby.

Restaurant customer Dallas French spent a long day at a local Children’s hospital. She was feeling like any normal Mom: tired, stressed, and anxious. Her baby begain to cry while they went out to eat. According to THV11, that's when waiter Robert Davis stepped in.

French says Robert was amazing, “he just said, ‘here, let me feed her,’ he slid behind the booth behind us and grabbed that bottle and just fed her.” French posted the picture on Facebook to say thank you, hoping he would see it.

That photo has since gone viral on Facebook. Even Olive Garden posted the picture to Facebook. French said the experience has changed her outlook on life. Just to get a moment of love from a complete stranger, is an amazing feeling.

The waiter is known for taking care of customers, and treating them like family. He's truly an example of the amazing world we live in, but often forget.



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