While the name may sound like a John Wayne movie set in the old west, The Pine Grove Cattle Company is pure Central New York, located on Route 26 in Vernon.

Rob Frost and Mike Peck formed a partnership in 2013 with plans to to run a small beef herd and make custom large square bales while still holding full-time jobs off the farm. Their custom farm work expanded quickly and now they travel throughout Oneida and Madison Counties no tilling crops, baling and wrapping hay, and manure spreading for other farms. Their small herd has grown to 120 head of grass fed beef and last year the two men formed the Pine Grove Cattle Company and now sell beef and pork to the public and cattle feed to other farmers.

It's a true family farm with Rob and his wife working with her parents, Mike and Nancy Peck. They have four children, Conner, Emma, Cole, and Evan who are also involved in the farm life. Conner, Emma, and Cole all show animals at local fairs. Each child is given a cow, goats, and pigs to start their own herds.

Pine Grove Cattle Company

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